Giving Voice to the Forgotten : The Story of FXB India Suraksha

For a decade FXB India Suraksha’s  integrated community development model has triumphed hope over adversity and enabled people to live a life of dignity.
School is a regular fact of life for girls at FXBVillage in Tamil Nadu

‘We are very happy to be celebrating Women’s Day in our village. I feel lucky to have been part of a programme that has enabled us voice our opinions within the community. The women in my village cherish this opportunity to reminisce how far we have come’. Prabha, SHG group member at FXBVillage, Tamil Nadu

This April 24th, FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is celebrating 10 years of working alongside scores of courageous women, men, young adults and children who have each striven to live a life of dignity and ensure that their families and communities prosper in a safe, healthy and productive environment.

FXBIS was established as an autonomous Indian NGO in 2007 with the vision of an India in which women, children and their families lead self-reliant and empowered lives. With a goal to ensure that every child achieves her/his potential in a healthy, poverty free and protective environment FXBIS has reached out to over 3,00,000 people through its community-based multi- sectoral programmes and interventions in 159 villages across India.

FXBIS’ roots however goes further back in time. The story of  FXB started in 1986, when

Albina with her son Francois- Xavier

Albina du Boisrouvray’s only son François-Xavier, a rescue pilot, was killed in a tragic helicopter accident when he was just 24. This life-changing loss prompted Albina to dedicate her life to perpetuating the values of generosity and compassion that had guided François-Xavier’s life, and to keep his mission alive by also seeking to rescue people – some of the poorest on the earth. Walking away from a successful career as a film producer, Albina founded FXB Foundation and FXB International(FXBI),  in honor of François-Xavier. The high point of FXBI’s then young life came with the publication of ‘FXB Orphan Alert: International Perspectives on Children Left Behind by HIV/AIDS’. It became a global resource that became a catalyst for highlighting issues related orphans especially those affected by HIV. FXBI’s Symbolic Global Safety Net campaign supported by two million people (quite an achievement without any social media or internet), eventually led to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan declaring 7th May as World Aids Orphans Day, observed annually since then. The campaign urged the UN, governments, donors and policy makers to give priority to the millions of AIDS orphans. FXBI started operations in India through the FXB Foundation in the 1990s. It’s programmes focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and STI prevention, education and information-awareness campaigns. The work spread across India and included the states Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

At the turn of the 21st century, as the HIV pandemic receded and FXB began to reap the fruits of it’s labours, FXB also felt the need to renovate itself. The publication of ‘Aids in the Twenty-First Century’ funded by the FXB Foundation confirmed the idea that it is vital to consider the disease in its totality.

Between 20072010 FXBIS’ intervention agenda expanded from its focus to a community-

FXB Annual Report 2016 IMG_0
FXBIS Annual Report 2016

based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change’Access to Quality Education, Livelihood Promotion, Improved Health Status, and Protection and Safety.

FXBIS works with the less privileged communities in the media darkest parts of the country and includes dalits, tribal populations, railway children, victims of human trafficking, migrant labourers, PHLIV- orphans, widows and homosexuals.

FXBIS addresses the full spectrum of grievances of communities away from the geographic and social mainstream. Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon that goes beyond its traditional understanding of monetary insufficiency. The FXBIS integrated approach, FXBVillage works towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals through its interventions. A three year, integrated intervention model, FXBVillage program addresses the links between different development disciplines such as economic poverty, health, education and human rights.

Information Dissemination through wall paintings in Tamil Nadu

Through Intensive Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) campaigns and grass root interventions in education, health and facilitating Income Generation Activities FXBIS seeks to help families break out of the cycle of poverty and associated conditions of backwardness in thought, resources and practice. FXB India Suraksha recognizes security as a right and not a luxury that can or cannot be afforded. It works with communities and selected ‘risk groups’ (especially children and adolescents) on the prevention of violence through the sensitization and training of stakeholders and community members, awareness campaigns, the modification of physical environments, building networks between the communities and the police, etc. The objective is a sustainable long-term change in society by identifying and addressing underlying causes of violence within communities. At present FXBIS is working in 14 states across India.

Children attend FXBIS Suraksha Education Center in Manipur

In 2016, FXBIS instituted a Research Unit to undertake primary research and seeks to enhance the knowledge base within its domains of expertise. Over the years it has developed strong linkages with diverse communities, government organizations, UN bodies and academia enables FXBIS to improve programme strategies and objectives and identify new issues requiring intervention.

Team (2)
Team Building exercise at FXBIS Annual Retreat, 2016



Author: Fxb India Suraksha

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is an Indian non-governmental, non-profit organization providing developmental assistance to disadvantaged women and children, families and communities in rural and urban India. The well-being and protection of children is at the heart of all FXBIS interventions. In order to ensure a child-friendly environment FXBIS committed to redress social vulnerabilities by empowering marginalized families and strengthening communities. As the country chapter of the Geneva-based NGO François-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXBI), FXB’s activities in India date back to 1991. In 2007 FXB India Suraksha was established as an autonomous Indian entity registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. FXBIS’ area of intervention expanded over the years from its original focus on working with families affect by HIV/Aids to a community-based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change' – Access to Quality Education, Poverty and Livelihood, Improved Health Status, and Child Rights and Protection. Currently FXBIS is directly implementing projects covering issues related to the areas of children rights and protection, gender equality, improved health and nutrition, sanitation and water, care and support to HIV/Aids infected and affected people, better education, enhanced livelihoods options as well as human trafficking prevention. Today, FXBIS works in different pockets across 15 Indian states and union territories reaching out to over 200,000 people through its community-based integrated interventions.

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