Good Health as a precondition to a Dignified Life

FXBIS address health vulnerabilities by improving access to quality health services, clean water and sanitation facilities within its intervention geographies

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) recognizes the importance of good health as a precondition of living one’s life with dignity. A paramount objective of all FXBIS programmes is to address health vulnerabilities by improving access to quality health services, clean water, and sanitation facilities within its intervention geographies. The overall impact of the FXBIS health strategy is a significant decrease of communicable and vector borne diseases as well as infant, maternal and child mortality rates within communities. While our work in this domain relates explicitly to SDG #3 of “ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages,” the integrated of our programs not only improves health status, but also prevents families from descending into poverty (SDG #1) and helps reduce inequalities (SDG #10). We also focus heavily on water and sanitation (SDG #6), through our integrated water and sanitation promotion projects in order to achieve a Swacch Bharat and concomitantly improve health status and overall well-being.

FXBIS actions over the years.

2015 : WASH awareness programmes on water borne, viral and communicable diseases were carried out throughout the year besides workshops on personal hygiene and cleanliness. Through such outreach activities, FXBIS reached out to more than 8608 people both within and outside the FXBVillage in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu and in Puducherry.

2014 : Through Behaviour Change Campaigns, 469 people were sensitized about the issues of safe drinking water and toilet usage through awareness generation camps in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. 75 health camps were organised which benefitted more than 4,000 people especially women and children and nutritional support to more than 4,500 children from the marginalized communities were provided in the form of fruits & diet biscuits.

2013 : With the support from Government District Water & Sanitation Mission FXBIS facilitated construction of 11demo toilets in3 Gram Panchayats namely Hurwa, Hardag & Dungri under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan in Namkum block of Ranchi District in Jharkhand.

2012 : A feasible model of effective and low-cost sanitation, good practices of hygiene and improved access to clean water supplies were promoted. 75 youths were trained on handpump maintenance are now actively monitoring and making livelihood out of it in Ranchi in Jharkhand, 20 water channels are constructed to drain out waste water from tubewell in Uppada in Andhra Pradesh.

2011 : In Uppada block near Vishakhapatnam and the dalit village of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, where open defecation was a common practice our intensive, engaged and behaviour change strategies resulted in community demand for and construction of 63 and 56 household toilets respectively. ‘Balavikasam’ a group of children attending FXB education centre became agent of change advocating on drinking water treatment, hygiene and sanitation. More specifically they encouraged their family members to construct toilets.

2010 : FXBIS has been providing Care & Support services to PLHA by improving the quality of life of over 550 PLHAs through Medical support services in Vishakhapatnam, Jodhpur as part of Global Fund supported PACT program and the Indo-Myanmar border town of Moreh in Manipur. FXB community sensitization initiatives have ensured basic rights like stigma free life for PLHAs by increasing community participation in caring for them. FXB’s work with high risk groups through targeted interventions reached out to over 1720 MSM, Migrants and Female Sex Workers in the districts of Aizwal, Mednipur, Kolkata and Jamui in Bihar.

2009 : Medical insurance for 116 HIV positive people under STAR Health Insurance scheme. Cover of up to Rs 30000 towards hospitalization charges is given to PLHAs with a CD4 count of 300 cells/mm3. For the same, CD4 screening camps were also organized.

2008 : Reached out to 200 MSM (Men having Sex with Men ) ie. Homosexual men enabling them to adopt safe sexual practices in Mizoram. The project was supported by the Mizoram State Aids Control Society.

2007 : 10,800 workers at Hindustan Construction Company sites in Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttra Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Jammu-Kashmir and Orissa and 51,000 workers at Kolkata jute mills became aware of safe sexual practices


Author: Fxb India Suraksha

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is an Indian non-governmental, non-profit organization providing developmental assistance to disadvantaged women and children, families and communities in rural and urban India. The well-being and protection of children is at the heart of all FXBIS interventions. In order to ensure a child-friendly environment FXBIS committed to redress social vulnerabilities by empowering marginalized families and strengthening communities. As the country chapter of the Geneva-based NGO François-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXBI), FXB’s activities in India date back to 1991. In 2007 FXB India Suraksha was established as an autonomous Indian entity registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. FXBIS’ area of intervention expanded over the years from its original focus on working with families affect by HIV/Aids to a community-based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change' – Access to Quality Education, Poverty and Livelihood, Improved Health Status, and Child Rights and Protection. Currently FXBIS is directly implementing projects covering issues related to the areas of children rights and protection, gender equality, improved health and nutrition, sanitation and water, care and support to HIV/Aids infected and affected people, better education, enhanced livelihoods options as well as human trafficking prevention. Today, FXBIS works in different pockets across 15 Indian states and union territories reaching out to over 200,000 people through its community-based integrated interventions.

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