Access to Quality Education : The enduring solution to development issues


FXB India Suraksha’s multi-folded education strategy envisions educated, confident, productive and socially responsible children and youth.

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) believes in the universal and fundamental ‘Right to Education’. A key focus of all FXBIS programmes is to ensure access to quality primary and secondary level education for every child within its intervention geography, in keeping with SDG #4. The envisioned impact of the FXBIS education strategy is to foster educated, confident, productive and socially responsible children and youth. To reach this goal, FXBIS applies a multi-faceted approach that leverages awareness and mobilization campaigns, various education schemes, and competence-based teaching methods to empower children across India. Our efforts contribute tangibly to improving equitable access to quality primary and secondary education for all girls and boys as part of UN SDG #5  (Gender Equality) and SDG#10 (Reduced Inequalities).

FXBIS actions over the years

2015 : 1,263 children gained access to quality learning through the Suraksha Education centers and Suraksha Computer Literacy Centers. A four month basic course with NIIT certification helped to provide a platform for digital empowerment to 60 youth in  Jaipur, Rajasthan and in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. FXBIS empowered women & girls through non-formal education programmes such as ‘Life Skill Workshops’ and Vocational Training Courses through life skill training workshops and rights awareness meetings spread across the year, FXBIS reached out to 36 women and girls in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

A Library started for youth development project at tribal villages in Andhra Pradesh catered to more than 80 students.

2014 : The Suraksha Education Centre in Kodeli village of Paderu, Andhra Pradesh benefitted 30 children from poor tribal families. A village library was established to promote reading habit among the local youth.

In the participating communities in Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, FXBIS efforts led to almost 100% school attendance, followed by good results in primary & high schools and no school dropout.

2013 : Around 700 children were shown the path to a brighter future through Suraksha Education Centers in different states especially to vulnerable children from tribal families in Namkum block in Ranchi, Jharkhand, dalit families in Bilaspur district in Chattisgarh and  HIV affected families in East Imphal, Manipur.

2012 :More than 100 children successfully were brought back into mainstream education and over 500 children provided with educational support services. Children attending FXB run Education centers also reported improved competencies and improved attendance to schools. 100% school attendance were ensured in the project area in Tamil Nadu.

Education material like guides, notebooks and books, geometry box, dictionary states, we provide supplementary support through non-formal Education Centers.

2011 : 1587 vulnerable children were supported to access fundamental right to education. Through FXBIS Suraksha Education Centers in 6 states we provided supplementary support through non-formal education, computer and tuition classes to the children to assist them to improve their performance. Adult literacy classes for women to were organized to develop their self esteem, knowledge base and confidence. In Mathur Chinna Colony, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu Evening tuition centre has helped 25 slow learners studying in high school improve their performance in school and to pass out in flying colors.

In Dhapa-Dhipi slum, Kolkata, West Bengal, 81 children benefitted from the Kindergarten, Primary and Upper Primary coaching with no school dropouts were reported. They received monetary support through reimbursement of school fees, as well as material support in terms of stationery, text books and uniforms. Regular parent-tutor meetings ensured the involvement of the parents in the academic performance of their children.

2010 : FXBIS Day Care Centre (DCC) near the Jaipur Railway Station reached out to over 190 children in the age group 5 to 16 years. The FXB DCC provided formal education where possible, as well as tutoring, life-skills education, recreational extracurricular activities and field trips, and vocational training. Counseling sessions were held to promote well-being, including HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health, substance de-addiction and safe hygiene and sanitation practices. Referral to permanent shelters, foster families, or adoption services, as well as assistance to reunite with families is provided as appropriate.

2009 : FXB India Suraksha runs a Computer training centre for the benefit of the youth who are deprived of access to computers due to low education and financial status. Through FXBIS Computer centers in Jaipur and Delhi 86 youths given computer education and training for making them better equipped and qualified for jobs. Amongst them 27 youths obtained immediate employment ensuring a livelihood for their families.

2008 : School education for HIV orphans and non formal education for drop out children were advocated across India. School fees of 652 children, school material for 350 children and supplementary coaching for 717 children were provided.

2007 : Life skill training provided to youth in urban slums and the formation of youth clubs were encouraged to expand awareness on sex and sexuality. More than 6000 youth and adolescents across India were taught about sexual health, safe sexual practices. Teachers and care givers were also trained to provide scientifically accurate information and non judgmental advice.


Author: Fxb India Suraksha

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is an Indian non-governmental, non-profit organization providing developmental assistance to disadvantaged women and children, families and communities in rural and urban India. The well-being and protection of children is at the heart of all FXBIS interventions. In order to ensure a child-friendly environment FXBIS committed to redress social vulnerabilities by empowering marginalized families and strengthening communities. As the country chapter of the Geneva-based NGO François-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXBI), FXB’s activities in India date back to 1991. In 2007 FXB India Suraksha was established as an autonomous Indian entity registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. FXBIS’ area of intervention expanded over the years from its original focus on working with families affect by HIV/Aids to a community-based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change' – Access to Quality Education, Poverty and Livelihood, Improved Health Status, and Child Rights and Protection. Currently FXBIS is directly implementing projects covering issues related to the areas of children rights and protection, gender equality, improved health and nutrition, sanitation and water, care and support to HIV/Aids infected and affected people, better education, enhanced livelihoods options as well as human trafficking prevention. Today, FXBIS works in different pockets across 15 Indian states and union territories reaching out to over 200,000 people through its community-based integrated interventions.

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