A proud moment for Us! ~~ For over a decade, FXBIS has been initiating programmes on issues around water – be it construction of soak pits around the bore wells, repair of hand pumps, revival of the defunct government schemes for piped water supply for rural village dwellers, or desilting of the ‘daris’ (natural springs), which are the traditional water sources in Jharkhand. FXBIS teams have also been intensively involved in the preparation of the village water security plans as well as the capacity building of village-level institutions, such as the VWSC (Village Water & Sanitation Committee), to secure water for all in rural areas, uninterruptedly and indiscriminately without consideration of caste/ class.


In recognition of our work, FXBIS was awarded a ‘certificate of merit’ in the category “Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management” at the World Water Leadership Congress, held in Mumbai on the 17th of February 2018. Seen below is FXBIS’ Programmes’ Manager, Mr. Kiran Kumar, who led the teams to work for and with the rural communities of Jharkhand.
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