FXBIS promotes weavers livelihoods in Kamrup, Assam

FXBIS promotes weavers’ livelihoods in Kamrup, Assam in partnership with HDFC Parivartan ~~ Under the CSR initiative of HDFC Bank, FXBIS assisted the traditional weavers to modernise their craft by renovating the size and strength of weaving looms, introducing new tools & techniques and providing training to work on them. This enabled the rural folk of Kamrup district to do away with the excruciatingly time-consuming and consequently less remunerative livelihood practice, while preserving the craftsmanship of hand woven products. Weavers of women SHGs of two villages were helped under this activity.

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Co-creating ‘shared narratives’ for development


Co-creating ‘shared narratives’ for development ~~ Seen in the pictures is Assam’s MLA from Darrang constituency.
In his words, “As part of the Farmers’ support programme under the CSR banner of HDFC, a granary and cowshed were inaugurated in the two fields of “Maa Kali” and “Siro Xeuji” of Dahi Nagaon with seventy percent financial support from FXB India Suraksha. It is a commendable initiative! During my conversation with farmers at the inauguration ceremony, I encouraged them to take up agriculture for business reaping profits, and not just subsistence.” (translated from the text below).

Connecting the Government, the Corporate, the Community for community-driven holistic development. FXBIS’ ‘Integrated Community Development Programme’ at Darrang, Assam since September 2017.