Royalty donated for Jaipur Railway Platform Children programme !!

There are ways ‘n’ ways to help a cause you find worth supporting…
C.H.Dubois, author of the highly rated and reviewed book, “The Tyre”, has decided to donate the entire royalty earned from the sale of his book towards FXBIS’ Jaipur Railway Platform Children Programme. This programme, which has been running since 2007, is aimed at providing a no-charge, clean and safe place for the children working on the Jaipur train platforms. The children are free to spend the whole day here. They take meals (breakfast & lunch), a bath, groom themselves, dress smart, act smarter ☺️ learn art, music, computers, math and langauges. They also vent stories of harassment and get supported as per the need.
The takeaways of generally spending 8-9 hours in a secured, hygienic environment???
19 of our 32 children visiting the Centre regularly have been enrolled in formal schooling. Sir Dubois has found this effort worth supporting. Thank you immensely 🙂