| World AIDS Orphans Day |

7th May 2019

World AIDS Orphans Day, celebrated on 7th of May every year since 2002 is a day dedicated to call for support from world over and gather it to offer to the most vulnerable of all vulnerable individuals of the world – AIDS Orphans. As the name clearly suggests, AIDS Orphans are children who lack the privilege of having parents and are also infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. This day, as initiated by François-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXB International) has spread worldwide and is gaining strength from solidarity and support growing and being extended from all pockets of the human-society. While this day is an occasion to acknowledge the struggle of their children and count our own blessings as we do, it is also a day we choose to celebrate the lives of these children and extend all forms of support to them.


Like every year, FXB International celebrated WAOD with all the pride and zeal. We at FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) celebrated the day in all its colors and painted the whole town red – yes, in all our 9 intervention states of the country! From up north to down south, the day was all heart and love. A combination of learn and play engaged hundreds of people and brought them together one step closer to an all-inclusive society.

The day was planned in three parts: i.) a pre-activity ii.) a movie screening and iii.) a post-activity. Along with which we planned a fun play activity for all the beneficiaries and participants involved with our state teams. The pre-activity was conducted to bring out and acknowledge the raw feelings and information the participants had about HIV/AIDS. The facilitators encouraged the participants to talk about their feelings and reveal what they understand of the virus and the disease. After which, a short-movie/short-film based on HIV/AIDS, as created and promoted by FXB, especially for WAOD was screened at all our intervention areas by our state teams. This short-film facilitated learning and provided the participants with facts and authentic information about HIV/AIDS. This gave the blur image of HIV/AIDS in the minds of the participants, a better shape. After the screening, the participants were once again encouraged to talk about what they understood of and how they felt about HIV/AIDS. The change in their perspective and understanding was overwhelming. We are proud of our state teams to have performed as the perfect facilitators for all our beneficiaries and participants of the day.

The above described part of the day focused on learning. Team FXBIS also had designed an activity wherein children and adults could express themselves in a more fun way – free and full – of color and in their hearts. All our state teams printed a picture of the HIV/AIDS symbol (the ribbon) and let the children and adults fill them with the colors of their emotions. The free flowing creativity and emotions helped open a window from where our facilitators could reach out to anyone who felt dark or excluded and bring them to the light of love and solidarity.


Let’s AIDS-ucate!


Here is a glimpse of the colorful day!

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